Marbles Lost is a Solo Female Artist born in the Faroe Islands in 1995.

She is formed by her very divided childhood, where she partly grew up in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, but also lived a couple of years in a small village in The Faroe Islands.

The first day of school in Copenhagen she learned how she shouldn't pick up heroin needles from the street. Her first day of school in the Faroe Islands, she learned to pray.

She started playing the guitar when she was 13 years old.

Marbles speaks fluent Faroese, danish and english.

In the summer of 2016 she moved to Berlin, the capital of Germany, where her interest for german blossomed.
Now, an agnostic, a ukulelist and lost in her computer, she is creating Electro Indie Pop from her room in Copenhagen.

With her personal stories, vivid ideas and creative mind she will take you through her divided universe.


Photographer: Sofie Dixø